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Our value proposition: Hire, build and lead talents

Our mission:

Our mission is to anticipate trends, adapt talent management tools to your needs, and support you as your talent processes evolve. The Saville Assessment research team has 15 years of experience and offers leading solutions.

Hire Talent

Recruit and assess talent

Build Talent

Develop talent

Lead Talent

Manage and lead talent

Hire Talent


Select top talents, identify what makes them tick and the environment that allows them to grow and flourish:

  • Define expectations accurately: Tools to determine the exact profile of the role by identifying the skills most predictive of success or by comparing different visions of a position (mapping, job profiler, analysis of individuals currently in the position)
  • Select top candidates: identify precisely the motivation, talent and a candidate’s ideal environment to improve the quality of choices, mitigate risk and pre-select candidates from a larger pool.
  • Empower managers during the recruitment process: Managers have access to key information in order to conduct successful interviews and make objective decisions – interview guide and manager training.

Value added proven through a significantly increased success rate, better talent retention and improved employer image.

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Five areas in which to evaluate your recruiting process:

Studies show that in recent years, engagement, diversity and inclusion have gained greater importance, while quality of selection and efficiency remain key. Additionally, the importance of cost has decreased in the face of major recruitment challenges and premature departures.

Identify where you are in the recruiting process. We help you focus on finding the best approach.

Build Talent

PI MANAGEMENT – recruitment

Develop talent and optimise collective performance, while mitigating the risk of burnout. Integrate employees, develop those with potential and encourage teamwork:

  • Identify potentials and talents internally: give talents direction, benchmark them, measure their performance in relation to their potential, align the needs of both the talent and the organisation, create development programmes for the next generation...

  • Develop high performers: Team members reach greater productivity faster, are more at ease in their roles and their lives, are more responsible and take initiative for their own success. They are able to provide higher and more sustainable performance.

  • Increase teamwork: High performance is also a group effort. Work better together, create high-performing teams, solve challenging problems.

Proven value added through better use of talents, strong professional growth, higher commitment and significantly reduced risk of separation. Improved collective performance also results from this approach.

Areas in which our solutions, experience and methods can supercharge your approach:

Contact us for an initial and free discussion.

Tools to build talents.

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Lead Talent

PI MANAGEMENT – human resources

Encourage dynamic leadership that meets employees’ current needs:

  • Recognise and prepare the leaders of tomorrow: identify and develop the leaders you need (identification, high-impact development programmes, coaching and feedback)
  • Select leaders and entrepreneurs: choose leaders according to specific needs within context and specific situations; identify those with the potential to achieve more.
  • Assess leadership risk. Strengthen employee commitment: focus on working with leaders who can ‘stay on track’. The same principals can be applied to entrepreneurs and sales associates.
  • Develop leaders: Create leaders who perform at a high level faster, who know how to optimise performance, and who can be supported in very targeted ways to surpass expectations.

Leadership challenges increase every year: uncertainty, complexity, change, new generations, new technology, new ways of working, new methods of production, social diversity, new career expectations...

Employee perception: less than 50% of managers meet their expectations in terms of credibility and career path contributions. Assessment and development of leaders is more challenging now than ever. However, solutions do exist. How do you leverage these solutions? How do you identify the potentials? Which dynamic and productive development programmes do you have in place? We look forward to discussing how we can help you achieve these goals.

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