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Wave personality questionnaires

There are many ways to assess talent, high-performing potential and personality: motivation, interests; personality traits; personal focus; skills; requirements; satisfaction indicators... Saville  Assessment experts have developed a stand-alone, culturally neutral tool based on a unique model that is able to predict professional success within 40 minutes, with a response reliability unmatched anywhere in the world.

This tool is able to address all HR process needs: leadership pre-selection, integration, team dynamics, professional development, talent and leadership assessment.

Wave differentiates motives and talents, and uses dynamic questioning that maximises the power of the internet. It enables ‘deep dive’ responses to all questions raised, when useful (specific scenarios; awareness; blocking factors...). It measures the coherence of responses on four levels.


Professional Styles:

  • 40 minutes
  • 108 personality facets
  • 36 dimensions
  • Environment fit
  • All Wave reports
  • Predictivity: 55%

Focus Styles:

  • 15 minutes
  • 36 personality facets
  • 36 dimensions
  • Environment fit
  • Wave reports (except for Sales and Leadership)
  • Predictivity: 45%
PI MANAGEMENT – leadership


  • 20 minutes (specific professional versions, 10-12 minutes)
  • 36 dimensions and environment fit
  • Does not differentiate talents and motives
  • Environment fit
  • Predictivity of professional success: 50%
  • Exist also in industry specific versions
  • Other reports: Interview guide; On-boarding

User training

Wave training and certification is available to all HR professionals.

Wave reports

All tools and reports are available on the Oasys platform, a cloud solution that meets the highest data confidentiality and reliability standards (system availability, security, etc.) and ease of use (no installation required, no licensing fees).

Talent Analytics

Saville Assessment opens new perspectives referring to Talent Analytics. 

Discover all we can do to help you manage and boost your talents in a few seconds.

Wave proposes simple and powerful solutions, to generate consolidated reports:

For boosting the team dynamics

For understanding and developing your talents and your culture