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We provide high-level, rigorous training

that allows HR specialists and coaches to develop their professional expertise. However, the quality of basic training is essential as is in-depth continuing education (supervisory or continuous training modules). Training at least every two years is strongly recommended.

Certification training allows the use of all relevant Saville Assessment reports. Strength training allows the use of skills reports.

Training and certification on use of Saville Assessment tools

Strength for recruiters: 1 day (PIMAN certification) 

Aptitude + Wave Certification (A + B) – 2 + 1 days: international certification - 3’000 CHF/p. 

Wave certification (B) – 2 days + 0.5 day: international certification - 2’200CHF/p. 

Aptitude certification – 1 day: : international certification - 1'000 CHF/p.. 

Specific offers for company trainings.

Continuous training

• Supervisory: In-depth study, knowledge sharing, updates – 0.5 days (free for frequent users – more than 30 reports per year); for Wave-certified

• Team-building session with Wave: 0.5 day (for all)

• Leadership development, with reports including Leadership Impact and Risk reports ( for Wave-certified)

• 360° Feedback (Performance 360°; Leadership Impact 360°) (for Wave-certified)

Additional training on request:

  • Salesforce development including Sales reports (for Wave-certified)
  • Optimise the recruiting process with Saville Assessment solutions: 0.5 day (for all)
  • Training for hiring managers: 0.5 day (for all)
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