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PI Management

PI Management

Founded in 1999 by HR professional Dr. Daniel Held, PI Management offers expertise in assessment and development of talent and leadership, as well as support of organisational change and transformation.

Our experienced consultants work in three languages – French, German and English – in Switzerland and abroad.

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Saville Assessment: a Willis Towers Watson Group company since 2016

Created in 2004 by Peter Saville, one of the world’s leading assessment experts, in order to ‘transform assessment around the world’, Saville Assessment is now the world leader in the strength and relevance of its solutions to hire, assess, build and lead the talent that organisations need to succeed in a complex, unpredictable and digital world.

Peter Saville’s vision succeeded spectacularly and has transformed the assessment and empowerment of talent through state-of-the-art psychometrics based on extensive research of successful professional performance. This has opened up unexpected perspectives with solutions considered by the market to be the Holy Grail in the field – ‘the global gold standard for psychometric tests’ (British Psychological Society).