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Feedback 360° - Performance 360° - Leadership Impact 360°

Feedback 360° - Performance 360° - Leadership Impact 360°

Feedback 360° allows team members to recognise their impact and understand how they are perceived by those with whom they interact: manager(s), colleagues and even partners and clients. This perception is compared with a self-assessment and highlights discrepancies.

Saville Assessment Feedback 360° is very easy to use, quick and well supported in a computerised environment, and also allows feedback to be collected in the same way as the Potential reports: Performance 360° Expert Report (with or without an aptitude section); Leadership Expert Impact for Leadership Impact 360°.

This allows comparison of two perspectives:

  • measured potential
  • performance (perceived impact)

These two perspectives are extremely useful in coaching and leadership development, and help attain optimal performance in action.

Each approach enables collection of feedback from up to 25 people; 10 minutes is sufficient time to collect each response. Reports are detailed and robust.

Example reports:

These reports are easy to understand and include raw scores and relative assessments (STEN):